Spark 2011 Proposal

The most common question in any household is “What’s for dinner?” Up until now, for someone to determine what they should cook, it has been a time consuming process of checking what food they have in stock in the cabinets, finding a recipe in a recipe book, and then going to the store to pick up the missing ingredients. This headache becomes even more cumbersome if a member of the family has dietary restrictions, such as diabetes, requires a low sodium diet, or is attempting to lose weight. Weeding through recipes and keeping track of what is eaten is almost impossible. In addition, if (as most families are), they have a hectic schedule of driving kids to and from events, and slaving away at the office, they have little time to plan ahead, and clip coupons that could help save themselves significant money.

The solution to this problem is the Smart Kitchen Assistant (SKA). This device will help revolutionize the kitchen, by keeping track of items purchased, provide recipes that both adhere to dietary restrictions, and make full use of the food items you already own. In addition, by knowing what your purchasing habits are, and what you have already consumed, the Smart Kitchen Assistant can gather coupons for you from online sources, and develop a shopping plan based on a grocery store layout to minimize the time spent in the store.

Read the full proposal: Proposal – Smart Kitchen Assistant
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