Cut The Cord Already!

Disclaimer: Although this blog is used to post information regarding my entry in the Spark 2010 contest – it still is a contest. With that in mind, certain “key differentiators” will not be described in full until after everyone has submitted their projects, and Round 2 is over. Until that point I will post teasers, and some information regarding the Top Secret item.

Q: When is a desktop not portable?   
A: When its tethered to your desk by a power cord.

This year’s Microsoft Spark contest is all about Fun and Games … and there isn’t anything fun about trying to play a “non-computer” game with a 100 foot orange extension cord stretching out behind you. So with that in mind, it’s time to cut the cord and take your desktop out into the world.

OK – now that you’ve come this far – just a reminder … this is one of the “Top Secret” areas, and will therefore not have full disclosure until after Round 2 is submitted. Come back again later to see all of the details in the making of this portion. Till then – enjoy the Mad Libs teaser. 🙂

In order for you to free your desktop from the evil grasp of the power company, you will need to do a little research, some shopping, and some testing.

1. Using a _____________ measure the _______________ and the _______________ of the ________________ under full _______________. Don’t trust what the manufacturer writes on the box.

2. Now that you know the ________________ you need, you will need to shop for ____________________ that match those ______________.

There are a number of great sources both online and in your neighborhood to check pricing and specs for your __________________________.

Here are some suggestions for where you can find the parts you will need:

  • Link 1
  • Link 2
  • Link 3

3. Once you have obtained your _____________________. It’s time to test them – again, we don’t want to blindly trust the manufacturer. Using a _____________ measure the _______________ and the _______________ of the ________________.

4. If the ____________________ and the _______________________ equal what you determined you needed in step 1, you are ready to test.

5. Always _________________________ all of your ____________ before connecting the __________________________ – just in case you _______ed wrong.

6. If all goes well, you should now be able to see _____________________ on the ____________________. Let it run until ______________________ to ensure it is stable, and determine how ___________________ it will ________________ for.

7. If your computer does not __________________________, go back to step 1, and make sure you ________________ed correctly.

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